News from the Advisory Board: Vandana Shiva

Meet Vandana Shiva, the face and voice of the struggle of those run over by the neoliberal world. Shiva is a physicist but most of all she’s and activists and author.

This year, Vandana Shiva has been busy publishing new books. “Making Peace with the Earth: Beyond Resource, Land and Food Wars” talks about the economy has slowly but surely turned into a battlefield: trade wars, water wars and food wars are becoming more and more widespread. In “Health per acre: Organic solutions to hunger and malnutrition“ Shiva offers innovative solutions to the food crisis.

Vandana Shiva is a board members of the “International Forum on Globalization” together with fellow Barcelona Consensus advisory board member Walden Bello. Generally, she is an outspoken voice for the alter-globalization movement. Vandana Shiva is founder of the Indian-based network of activists and farmers “Navdanya” which is fighting for the rights of farmers to save their seeds and conserve biodiversity through organic farming. Navdanya is famous for its victories against Monsanto and other actors of biopiracy in India and is a women-centered network. In 1993 Vandana Shiva won the Right Livelihood Award.

Shiva is famous for connecting feminism and ecology with questions of development and fairness. One of her most famous books is called “Staying alive” where Vandana Shiva explains how the the violation of nature can be compared to the violation of marginalized women, especially in the Global South. She also argues against the notion of development by calling it “maldevelopment”.

Shiva lectures and writes further about intellectual property rights, biopiracy and bioethics as well as genetic engineering. She further advocates the notions of “earth democracy”, “seed sovereignty” and “food sovereignty”.

Watch this inspiring video to learn more about Vandana Shiva:

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Picture courtesy by Cintia Barenho.