7. Transition to a democratic world governance

7. Transition to a democratic world governance, in order to:
- Prevent plutocracy – the power of money, and progress towards an inclusive democratic world governance system based on the interests of people not of countries, including a reformed United Nations System.
- Guarantee global security and coordinated action aimed at reducing the impact of catastrophes caused by humans or nature.
- Ensure that the norms and entities of international regulation act in the public interest, in accordance with the new social and human objectives of “buen vivir”* and are respectful towards the environment.
- Protect the human rights of migrants and progressively open migratory flows, working towards the free movement of persons.
- Escape from the global financial disarray caused by speculators and the International Financial Institutions, and create a new financial system and global reserve currency.
*Andean concept of living in harmony, that supersedes “Welfare”.