The call for projects of ACT! 2013 will start early next year so keep posted. 

People around the world have thousands of IDEAS for making another world possible. IDEAS for overcoming a violent, unbalanced and unsustainable system promoting viable alternatives in:

  • participatory and deliberative democracy
  • environmental sustainability
  • social, equitable and sustainable economy
  • non-speculative financial system
  • knowledge sharing and democratic communication
  • overcoming wars and violence
  • democratic global governance

We are thousands, millions of PEOPLE willing to carry out these ideas. We are thousands of ORGANIZATIONS able to promote them. Can you imagine what would happen if every year we could agree on a Common Action?   An ACT! Is:   an Action for a Common Transformation

  • an action carried out by active CITIZENSHIP
  • GLOBAL, SIMULTANEOUS and with an effective and SPECIFIC outcome
  • which seeks a social, economic and political palpable TRANSFORMATION

ACT! is not just:

  • a local or national project
  • an awareness campaign without a line of action
  • a way to circulate an agenda or a call for a public protest

The Salt March is an example of ACT! It was a direct action campaign using replica watches civil disobedience; a nonviolent protest which empowered Indian population by showing citizens capacity to achieve major objectives, in this case, the Independence of India.   Even though it may be small, an ACT! aims to cause a specific change in the current correlation of forces between the 99% of the population and the 1% of privileged minorities by nonviolent means, non-cooperative, civil defiance and creating new alternatives. Groups, organizations and networks around the world can submit an ACT! We just have to:

  • Join the ACT!2012 query process via internet
  • Commit ourselves to spread the world about ACT!2012 across our networks and contacts and / or help organize it.
  • Share Barcelona Consensus (BC) objectives.

If you think any of the ideas or projects of your group, organization or network could be an Action for a Global Transformation Enter to the Barcelona Consensus website And fill out the online form All proposed actions will be published on the website. Then, all participating networks, working groups, groups and organizations will choose the Action for a Common Transformation for 2012. (ACT! 2012).     ACT! proposals may be submitted until march 23rd   Each year a new query will be launched, leading to a different ACT!   If you submit your idea or project to ACT! query you will gain the following:

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  • Visibility: all ACT! submitted / all groups, organizations, networks and their work

The chosen ACT! Will get:

  • Human Resources: international support network
  • Economic Resources: 8,000 € to organize and carry out the action

Do you have any question? Enter the Barcelona Consensus website or contact us at  We  globally stood up against Iraq war. We globally raised our voice on the 15th of october 2011. The question is: can we create innovative actions beyond traditional forms?

Let’s create a citizen action to TRANSFORM our planet; GLOBALLY, SIMULTANEOUSLY and CONCRETE: ACT! 2012.