Transition circles

A transition circle is made up of a big group of people which constitute it for affinity or proximity, with the purpose of getting an habitable country and world for everyone, making it easier to change in one specific area the behavior, attitude and unsustainable structures with the voluntary renunciation of some unnecessary privileges. The circle can always exercise the citizens’ rights of being uncooperative and not to buy, to serve or to obey those organizations or institutions that hamper or complicate the transitions. People who form a circle voluntarily, each one according to their possibilities, commit themselves to define, agree and implement the transition plan (TP):

- About specific and achievable objectives  in a certain area (can be the goals of the transitions from Barcelona Consensus).

- In a certain field: family, neighbors, friends, suburb, town, country, or even the world; organization, party, professional sector, etc.

- With a time frame (scheduled dated to obtain visible results).

Found a transition circle to make real the economic and social change that you are imagining!

We have compiled some materials and documentation which will help you to set in motion the transition circle and the formulation of the plan. If you want to obtain the recognition of the transition plan by the Barcelona Consensus, you should fill in and send the Circle Transition Constitution form and the Transition Circle Commitment document.

Soon you can download the guide that will help you to make the path toward transition possible, feasible and practicable for you and your friends and acquaintances. That guide provides you different methods to help to specify a transition commitment, personally or collectively, to successfully set out on this path for the transformation, to convert the crisis into an opportunity, to make the transition from what we are and we have to what we want, to turn our country and world into a better place for everyone!