The Barcelona Consensus Commitment is a document that resulted from the collaboration of the 150 academics and activists which gave life to the Barcelona Consensus.

This pledge gives you a chance to embark on the journey of participating in the creation of a world livable for all. It’s a collection of the 7 transitions of the Barcelona Consensus to overcome the urgent structural problems in the world.

The goals indicated in the pledge have been chosen in their ability to really being applied to our society and lives.

The signature of the pledge indicates your commitment to working on a project to improve the world in which we live. Signing it shows your support for the Barcelona Consensus and the change we are trying to achieve and your encouragement to participate in some of the transformative actions proposed.

Please consider spreading the pledge among your friends, collegeaus and family members. Get involved and involve others to generate a world livable for everyone and for future generations alike.

If you’d like to read the pledge, click here.
If you’d like to take the pledge you can sign it here.