The participants are expert and social actors that reflect, to the maximum possible, the proportion of the current world-wide population of the different regions. It was composed by Advisory Boardorganitzations networks, colaborators and expert people.
Also It has been looked to guarantee that positions ignored by the “dominant thought” are represented.
The Barcelona Consensus has gathered, in a platform of deliberation based on  internet, 150 experts from the different geo-cultural areas of the world, to create a community of intercultural dialogue, multi-sectorial, multilingual and plural.
Team Organiser
The team that organizes the process of the Barcelona Consensus is led by Nova – Centre for Social Innovation, and is formed by a group of professionals and collaborators from several countries. For the team of Nova, this is the project that culminates 30 years of investigation in social alternatives and of participatory and intercultural methodologies, developed to suit and favor social transforming innovation.
The project has been co-organized with the Institute of Human Rights of Catalonia (IDHC) and with the Alliance for Freedom and Dignity (AFD).
Martí Olivella (Director since 2009)
Gisele Iecker (Coordination 2009-2011)
 Núria Castelló (Technisian 2010)
Sònia Gonzalez (Coordination 2011)
Carme Tarrida (Technisian 2011-2012)
Daniel Duocastella (Coordination 2012)
Patricia Estevez (Communication  2010)
Marta Molina (Communication  2011)
Alicia Dominguez (Communication  2012)
Samir Abi (African coordination 2011-2012)
International Advisory Board
International Advisory Boardis formed by people recognized for their critical path and proposals. They guarantee the approach and the plurality of the process and the main decisions of the process of the Barcelona Consensus. It is composed of 34 experts, 17 men and 17 women, of great geo-cultural diversity.

Expert people Expert people participated with Barcelona Consensus in two phases: 1. Contribution of proposals and deliberation on 5 thematic fields (values and objective, ecology and population, politics and security, economy and finances, and communication and culture). In this first phase, 250 experts confirmed their interest , 120 women and 130 men from different areas of the world. 2. Deliberation on the draft of the commitment of the Barcelona Consensus, resulted of the previous phase. In this second phase has involved more than 150 people (all of them were participate in the first deliberation). The following criteria were kept in mind to choose the experts:

  • Parity of gender
  • Proportionality of the population of each region
  • Diversity of areas of work
  • Diversity of areas of knowledge and experience
  • Plurality of age
  • Capacity to make proposals (no only analysis or complaint)
Águeda Mera (IDHC) – Catalonia
Aida Guillén (IDHC) – Catalonia
Ariadna Benet – Catalonia
Carolina Barreiros -Brasil
Cécile Dontenville – France
David Castells – Colombia
Dídac Sanchez Costa – Catalonia
Gabriela Mackevic – Lithuania
Houssein El Hourachi (AFD) – Morocco- Catalonia
Jaume Saura (IDHC) – Catalonia
Julia Montier – Belgium
Julia Nuño (IDHC) – Catalonia
Leonardo Ferrante – Italy
Lucas Blanes – France
Luisa Martín – Catalonia
Catalonia Maddalena Basevi – Italy
Malgorzata Budkiewicz – Poland
Mark Franz – Catalonia
Rachid Aarab (AFD) – Morocco- Catalonia
Sarah Capitant – France
Sylvia Frumes – USA
Thais Bonilla – Catalonia
Valentí Zapater – Catalonia
Viola Poggi  – Italy
Xiaochun Zhang – China  
Your colaboration
Spread the commitment to groups and people around you, as well as among your own organizations and governments, so as to facilitate their participation in this initiative.
- Signs the commitment
- Presents an Action for a Common Transformation with your organisation / group / Network
 – Share your work for the continuity, independence and quality of the process of the Consensus Barcelona,  sending an email to:
>>> More information about the members of Advisory Board
>>> More information about the organitzations networks