The process

The first steps

The Barcelona Consensus started in 2008 with the aim to experience a process of permanant dialogue and deliberation at long-distance. This approach allowed to involve many different key actors in the analysis of the nature and the causes of the crisis. On top of that, it permitted the collection of proposals for change and of activities to facilitae these changes.

More than 150 experts from different geo-cultural regions and with a balanced gender-ratio have taken part in the creation of the Consensus. The result is a multicultural, interdisciplinary, multilingual process which resulted in a community of dialogue and deliberation facilitated by the world wide web.

In 2010 this community collaboratively valued and elaborated proposals with the use of the deliberative Online Platform

Five topics were at the heart of this consultation:

  1. Values and objectives
  2. Ecology and population
  3. Political and security
  4. Economy and finances
  5. Information, communication and knowledge

These propositions suggest new rules of the global game which guarantee the sustainable coverage of the basic needs of all the world’s citizens. The participants have collected proposals on a new world order which, parting from the world that we want (system of values) taking into accoutn the finite world at our disposal (ecological system), to see how we want to organize ourselves (political system); how we want to manage our world (economic system) and finally how we want to relate to each other (communicative system).

The credibility and the feasibility of the process of deliberation between the 150 participants in reaching the Statement 1.0 is based on 10 key factors:

  • Selecting a balanced group of participants;
  • Planning ahead and following a suitable work-rhythm;
  • Commitment of the participants;
  • Observing the rules of the deliberative process;
  • Sticking to the 5 key topics;
  • A proactive approach;
  • A stable support and facilitation team;
  • Logistical and financial support for participants;
  • A extensive network of collaborating organizations;
  • A supportive international advisory board.

To get more information about the process and methodology, click here.

The result of the consultation: Statement 1.0

The outcome of the elaboration is a consensual document called “Committing to a Sustainable and People-centred World for All”.  Statement was accorded in Barcelone in 2011. The key points gathered in the document are the following 7 proposals fora world livable for everybody consisting in:

  1. A participatory and deliberative democracy;
  2. Environmental sustainability;
  3. A social, equitable and sustainable economy;
  4. A non-speculative financial system;
  5. A society of shared knowledge and democratic communication;
  6. A world beyond war and violence;
  7. A democratic world governance.

The following actions have been singled out as most urgent:

  • Overcoming hunger, poor diet and the lack of potable water and drainage on both local and global level.
  • Tackling the harm caused in poor countries due to “development” and climate change.
  • Avoiding the use of armed interventions and wars, even in the name of “democracy”.

What you can do:

Barcelona Consensus is not intended as just a declaration. It encourages action. This is what you can do to help the change towards a world inhabitable for your and for future generations:

  • Show the Barcelona Consensus Pledge to your friends, family and colleagues to help spread our position and ideas. Try to send it also to your government and other institutions so that they consider changing their social and economic policies.
  • Initiate in your local environment a Transition Plan on any of the aims of the Pledge.
  • Come with an idea for an Action for a Common Transformation (ACT!) and submit it to us. ACT!s are shared activities for change which are carried out simultaneously around the globe.
  • Follow the Barcelona Consensus on Twitter or keep in contact with us through we are looking forward to hear about your ideas and projects.