Results ACT! 2012

During three weeks of consultation (between May 8 and 31 2012) a global consultation was held to find support for one Action for  Common Transformation  (ACT! 2012). During the three weeks, about 3800 members of different organizations, groups and networks from around the world participated in the consultatation.

Proposals chosen were:

Global Action for the Rights of land and livelihoods (Jansatyagraha, March 2012)

A neutral, participative and secure Net (Internet)

They were chosen ex aequo for the following reasons:

– Having almost the same number of supporters

– Having received a high number of supports from different organizations, groups and networks

– Having involved and mobilized many organizations and individuals and collectives

– Being complementary one to the other

Click here to view the final results of the global consultation.

Right now both groups are carrying out the planning and coordination to develop the ACT! 2012. These actions will take place in October 2012. Barcelona Consensus will keep you informed of the next steps.

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