The Transition Circles are groups of people that engage voluntarily to achieve – following a stipulated schedule- changes of unsustainable habits and structures. These changes are within one or more of the aims of the 7 Barcelona Consensus transitions and they include voluntary renunciation of privileges in order to progressively convert communities or sectors into sustainable and livable spaces for everybody.

 7 transitions towards:

1.  To a participatory and deliberative democracy

2.  To  the environmental sustainability

3. To a social, equitable and sustainable economy

4.  To a no-speculative financial system

5.  To a society of the shared  knowledge and of the democratic communication

6.  To a world that surpass the wars and the violence

7.  To a global democratic governability

The financing of the proposed shared objectives can be obtained through savings made on the cost to society of weapons, corruption, tax havens and illegal trafficking, and through increasing resources thanks to social funding and public monetary creation, as well as the taxing of financial transactions and unsustainable activities and introducing a wealth tax.
And as people or groups in transition, we commit ourselves to exercising our rights as citizens not to cooperate with, collaborate with, buy from, serve or obey organisations or institutions that prevent or hinder the transition.
People and groups thereby take responsibility for choosing their own objectives and carry out their own transition strategies6, sharing their proposals, actions and results with the community formed around this declaration.